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Design Paul Studio

5 years

Estd. in 2018


Estd. in 2018

25 + Team
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Estd. in 2018

15 + Project

Over 3 Years

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Embark on the inspiring journey of Nitika Bhatia, the visionary founder and interior designer behind Paul Studio, shaping the world of design since her inception in 2021.

Nitika Bhatia, a creative force with an innate sense of aesthetics, a strategic mind with a passion for design innovation. Her journey began as a pursuit of a shared dream – to redefine the landscape of room interior design.

From the very start, Nitika infused Paul Studio with her unique blend of creativity, determination, and hard work. Each project became a canvas for her artistic expression, and her dedication to perfection became the hallmark of her work.

In the span of just two years, she has etched her mark in the design industry, delivering exceptional spaces that transcend expectations. Her commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic has garnered praise, making Paul Studio a symbol of sophistication and innovation.

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As you explore the world of Paul Studio, know that every design is a product of Nitika’s, unwavering dedication, turning spaces into masterpieces. Join us in celebrating her journey, where passion meets precision, and creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to the legacy crafted by Nitika Bhatia – The Heartbeat of Design Paul Studio.

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